Group Classes


A Class For Actors, Not Academics

  • How To USE Shakespeare’s Verse
  • What To Look For, And What To Do With What You Find
  • At the end of the five session course, you will have chosen and explored a sonnet and a set-piece or soliloquy with which to audition.

This approach is applicable to all language-based texts.


“If you cater to the wants of the public, you’ll end up in the whorehouse”. – Stella Adler

A small class, one evening per week to:
  • Discover or, if necessary, invent a need for doing a scene.
  • Find a variety of tactics to accomplish this action and . . .
  • Execute them uniquely with conviction and credibility.
  • Learn how and why, in an audition situation, it is vital to be one’s own director, set designer, and costumer.

TEXT ANALYSIS (Check For Dates)

“Analysis is a means of coming to know, that is, to feel a play . . .” -Constantin Stanislavsky

All decisions are determined by an understanding of the script.

Your work on a specific text will:
  • Explore the given circumstances to find conflicts and objectives.
  • Present the play as a succession of events (beats).
  • Define relationships.
  • Find psychological needs and physical choices for action.
  • Demonstrate how all characters’ super-objectives must fit the spine of the play.

Everything Is In The Text!